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PT. Graha Ismaya established in 1982, a new step has been settled. With a strong wish, we were tried to achieve our goal to expand healthcare business as our first target, before we expand to another related business field. It’s time being, our core business activities are medical devices, pharmaceutical and ingredients supply. We are also developing hospital furniture production facility through PT. Graha Tekno Medika and retail pharmacy dispensaries as our sister company.

The economic crisis in Indonesia in the middle of 1997 made all business sectors getting slow. The social, political circumstances influenced to economic recovery in Indonesia. In this tough situation, we were able to survive to continue business and give best service to all Customer.

By focusing on strategy, stronger in core business and expand in one line business in a tight manner only. Finally, we passed all the burdensome in good result. With solid management, customer’s loyalty increasing all the time and we growth sales significantly year by year.

Professionalism attitude develop by the owner, and it has been increasing confidence of our Principal. It’s time being we believe as sole distributor for 44 Principal from 15 countries.